Open 2 Flow supports visionary leaders who prioritize the adoption of practices which develop “new world” capacity in their teams and organizations. Our mission is to help organizations and businesses move to a new model of economy – one where the purpose is not about profit, but rather serving a higher purpose and creating value for people & communities while still looking after our environment. This requires more collective responsibility, through more diversified governance. We want to help organizations who aspire to a new way forward.

Open 2 Flow was launched in 2011, with a view to helping organizations to make wiser decisions, increase innovation, and improve work, communication and cash flow by engaging the hearts and minds of its members and clients. Our approach to leadership is holistic and participatory – with a focus on tapping into a group’s innate collaborative wisdom, to achieve innovation and wiser governance in the face of complexity, diversity and uncertainty.  The business is registered under Transcultural Synergy Ltd in London, UK.

Open 2 Flow has evolved to embrace many other organizations working collaboratively and symbiotically, creating an organic collaboration between the organizations and people mentioned below.  This enables a huge diversity of experience and skills fit to work in the future. While our take on consulting is not conventional, we invite partnerships as part of our emergence to a global training and consulting group.

Currently Open 2 Flow is a collaboration and partnership between several organizations and individuals: